Resources for school

Here are internet resources I compiled (over 700 links), for schools, children and teachers, across subjects of the Indian senior school curriculum.  It’s not meant to be the ‘most comprehensive’ list, there’s wonderful material here.  Let me know if you find it useful…Enjoy.   


 Physical Structure of Living Beings lots of information on organs, muscles, skeleton and nervous system with great interactive games animations explanations and interactive games on the human brain, the skeleton, the human heart and the digestive tract hundreds of images animations and descriptions of all the systems of the human body.  Great site! This tutorial uses 3D animations to explain the basic design of the heart and blood circulation of mammals.  How does the heart and blood flow work?

Reproduction & Growth information about mating and evolution information on the changes that are experienced with adolescence did you know that you grew from one tiny cell to millions of cells that make up your body.  This site also explains why cells go wrong and cause cancer.

Digestion offers a simple diagram and basic information about digestive organs. Zoom in to see detailed views.  Great stuff! a simple cartoon on intestinal gas! more simple information on how the digestive system works find out about bile and fat digestion from this great animation information and a game on the stomach great information on the digestive system along with a clear diagram great animated movie on the digestive system, with a game. Zoom in to see detailed views.  Great stuff

Respiration & Circulation great animated heart as well as a zoom into detailed diagram.  Great stuff all about lungs with a game asthma symptoms, causes, treatment construction and function of the heart. Great animation of heart and heart beat

Balance & Equilibrium information on organs of balance, the inner ear.  A great game on the ear with a balance animation article on loss of balance and causes of dizziness article on vertigo and causes of loss of balance

 Disease common diseases of children most common vaccines and inoculations healthy habits for children

Microorganisms animations of how microbes attack the human body quick facts about bacteria quick facts about

Diet/Nutrition lots of nutrition information and a calculator to calculate calories and your body mass about what your body needs at all ages links to health communities and health sources about the food you eat and what’s good for you

Human & other livings beings defines the classification of Plants, Animals & Protista slightly higher academic, but easy to understand simple information on scientific classification

 Evolution & adaptation Do-it-yourself evolution! Use this humorous but powerful tool to test the effects of selection, mutation and chance on the evolution of a trait. table of geological periods starting 570 million years ago all about dinosaurs! more dinosaurs Learn biology terms by a drag and drop game to show category relationships. Includes terms from a growing list of biology topics.


Photosynthesis detailed explanation of photosynthesis for highly interested students. photosynthesis explained. information about Chlorophyll a fun interactive photosynthesis gizmo. Control the color and intensity of light for an underwater plant and see what happens information about photosynthesis with a quiz A game!  Help detective Leplant and his detectives Bud and Sprout unlock the secrets of plants.

Respiration respiration and transpiration and the role of leaves

Reproduction & growth simple explanation of seeds, fertilization and pollination.  There’s a quiz too. about flowers and their role in fertilization role of roots in growth and nourishment of the plant. about gymnosperms


 Real world physics enter an interactive environment to see physics in real life

 Atomic structure a game-like atomic builder simple intro to atomic structure what are atoms, what is smaller than atoms? the simplest description of atomic structure with a diagram learn about the principles of atoms and matter

 Properties of matter learn about basic properties of matter including atoms, ions, elements, molecules, and density.  In the interactive section you will use real data from plasma physics research to explore the basic properties of matter. what is matter.  Easy information about solids, liquids and gases

 Chemical symbols and formulae a picture table of all the chemical elements table of chemical elements and their basic information basics about the periodic table

Mixtures and compounds basic information on what  mixtures are information on solutes, solvents and concentration

 Acids alkalis salts a crossword of acids, alkalis and salts well written information on acids and alkalis, thermodynamics and reactions


Heat information for beginners on temperature measurement, measuring thermal conductivity, and heat transfer lots of info on temperature do a game like experiment online on heating water. With an animation you can alter the amount of water and starting temperature to estimate how long water will take to boil. an excellent description of how thermoses (Vacuum Flasks) work. an index page for lots of information relating to heat transfer topics such as conduction and convection

 Electricity basic concepts of electricity and magnetism a short illustrated description of the phenomena of static electricity. about circuits and conductors, very simple. Activities, frequently asked questions, quizzes what is electricity simply and entertainingly written quick facts about electricity what is electricity, who discovered it, what is static electricity, what is current and lots more information learn about different forms of electricity and electrical safety through nice online activities

 Magnetism simple but detailed explanation on magnets. simple facts about phenomena in magnetism about Michael Faraday, who did groundbreaking work in electricity &magnetism quick facts about magnetism what are magnets, temporary magnets, permanent magnets, superconductors, how does a compass work, who discovered magnets and lots more….

 Light what is light, common sources of light, how do we see, what are periscopes, how does light bounce and lots more information on light the science, technology, math & history of light light as particles, light as waves, light in colour, laws of light light and mirrors – a game! on colours & properties of light. Learn about the properties of light, waves and particles through some great activities.


The Conservation of Natural Resources learn about fuel conservation and energy transfer about  all forms of energy, its consumption & conservation simple facts about the earth and conservation great activity about insulating a mummy’s pyramid.  Learn about energy conservation. check out this energy tree to see the world’s energy resources and what they are including uranium mines, coal mines, oil and gas wells, wood, biofuels and more

 Air about earth’s weather, seasons hurricanes wind-chill and much much more information about what causes air pollution and how to keep air clean

 Properties of Soils types of rocks does soil have parents, what does weather do to the soil, do soils come in different colours, what is soil conservation and many more simple questions answered NASA’s soil science education page. Soil science basics, every soils has a story, soil and the environment, soil and students and more such links

 Properties of Water about the molecular structure of ice and water physical and chemical properties of water and why it is critical for living things water question and answers, picture gallery and lots more

Impure Water and Water Pollution learn about water treatment process and what causes water pollution interesting answer on water pollution will acid rain turn your hair orange very good information on pollution and water quality about pesticides in ground water, very good diagram

 Farming and Agriculture lots of links on soils and agriculture, soil fertility, looking at the soil close up, soils quality and more resources precision farming in Indian agriculture, crop production, crop pattern, crop yield, irrigation and soil management

Animal Husbandry information on goat keeping


Rational numbers all about numbers including information on rational and irrational numbers, integers & prime numbers the encyclopedia definition of rational numbers,,sid9_gci283997,00.html bit advanced but concise description of rational numbers

Real numbers for advanced learners simple lesson on properties of real numbers the encyclopedia description of real numbers

Square and square-root table of squares and square roots a simple lesson on square roots with exercises

Cube & cube root of cube root explanations with activity, links to cube root table and cube root rule

Distance rate & time simple lesson and exercises explanations of the formula with problems

Time & work some word problems with their solutions more problems and answers

Percentage a simple lesson on percentages with test simple lesson on percentages with a 3 way percent calculator and a percentage online solver discover relationships between fractions, percents, and decimals through this interactive puzzle

Ratio lesson and exercises in ratio and proportion

Simple interest & compound interest the compound interest equation


Algebra words common words and their definitions with examples

Equations terms used in equations lesson in writing simple equations and exercises lessons and practice about equations and inequalities. great stuff on simple equations

Linear & Single Linear equations great interactive games on lines and linear equations

Division of polynomials polynomial identities, step-by-step and with worked examples, how to do long division of polynomials

Fractions reducing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.  Lessons and practice great puzzles and manipulatives to visually understand fractions, parts, wholes, adding and subtracting fractions.  Cool

Reading graphs graphing equations and inequalities interactive puzzles for graphs and pie charts about functions and graphs.  detailed

Similarity lessons and practice similar  figures

Statistics introductory lesson with some simple exercises explore mean, median and mode through a game-like gizmo


Geometry words common terms and their explanations with examples

Triangles types of triangles congruent triangles explained. manipulate triangles and learn about them simple lesson and practice

Circle you can do everything you want to do with circles here.  Great fun simple lesson and practice circles, definitions and formulas

Square simple lesson and practice

Area formulas for finding area fantastic game like approach to understanding quadrilaterals and conservation of area formulas for area of square circle and triangle on Circumference and areas of circles. circle calculator

Volume & surface area finding volumes for different shapes. Clear illustrations volume formulas surface area formulas

Parallel lines simple lesson and exercises about pairs of lines exciting problems of angles and parallel lines.  Fantastic stuff.  Do it yourself!

Pythagoras theorem an exciting and simple way to learn it! simple lesson and practice,,NAV2-21_SAP700,00.shtml great game – combine the areas of the two smaller squares to get the area of the larger square,


About the Earth & its revolution all the basic facts about the earth…size, orbit, mass, density, axis, temperature, atmosphere etc spheres of the earth nicely explained offers over 200 images/ maps of earth, solar system, earth’s composition, oceans, continents, wind patterns, topography, ocean-floor, glaciers, volcanoes, countries, rivers… all about earth’s weather all sorts of amazing stories on the earths environment all about earth’s weather, seasons, hurricanes pressure and more earth facts inside the layers of the earth. Great colourful diagrams

 Earthquakes and Volcanoes info on latest quakes, science project ideas, lots and lots of pictures, games and earthquake topics claims to be the best source for volcano information on the web. Movie clips, pictures and useful information useful information about earth tectonics and plate movement volcanoes of Hawaii with a 3D flypast of the islands information on earthquake mapping with an tool to map earthquake’s depth and magnitude

Calamities & Disasters about earthquake, volcano and tsunami disasters about droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis!


 Role of flowing water world atlas maps showing bays, channels, gulfs, lakes, seas, straits and some rivers main rivers of the world ranked by size where is earths water, how much water is there, rainfall runoff, rivers and more

 Water Table ground water and surface water

 Ocean Waves simple information about tides and how they are caused more about what makes tides and water level measurement thirteen great Frequently Asked Questions about aspects of tides the highest tides on earth!

 The Oceans undersea life a wonderful section entirely on oceans sea news, aquarium resources, the ocean realm, ocean exploration, sea lab, sea gallery, sea links and sea games! Can it get better than this? quick facts about oceans oceans ranked by size from the largest to the smallest

 Glaciers mount Kilimanjaro’s glacier is crumbling! artificial glaciers help farmers in Himalayas what are glaciers and icecaps and where do they exist


 Winds winds, hurricanes, storms and Beaufort wind scale about winds and wind chill

 Atmospheric Pressure and Winds the reasons for seasons.  Nicely illustrated how air pressure brings changes in weather and how weather affects air pressure.


The Moon get pictures of the solar system, from any planet!  Make small animations of the movement of the planets. Get a picture of the sky, with the planets labeled! Get the positions of the planets in your sky, anytime. an explanation on why we see the phases of the moon lots of simple information on stars,         planets, the universe! the absolute wonder of what lies there.  Sky news, astronomy resources, the cosmos, space exploration, sky lab, sky links, sky games and lots and lots of pictures a wonderful site. Rockets and airplanes, astronauts living in space, creation station and games!

Eclipses intro to solar eclipses, with simple explanation, table of years with solar eclipses, many links to images a great page on eclipses with animation and a simulation of a solar eclipse


 Countries about countries, the biggest, the smallest, basic facts all kinds of information about countries of the world

 Europe interactive game to identify continents and countries. facts about Europe explore the continents.  Lots of maps, flags and activities

 Great Britain facts about Great Britain very nice site with info about history, geography, people and society geography, people, government, economy and more

Germany facts about Germany more facts about Germany, it’s geography, economy, communications, transportation, population and more more facts about Germany

 Russia facts about Russia take a visual tour of Moscow. This site takes awhile to load, but the pictures are worth the wait! color images about the past, present and future of Russia

 North America explore the continents.  Lots of maps, flags and activities

 United States of America facts about USA geography, people, government, economy and more

 Polar Regions & Arctic Region possibly the largest source for Antarctic images and information another site about Antarctica check out expeditions by the U.S. Coast Guard aboard the Polar Star to historical sites in the Arctic Circle. Includes photos, audio, and video! this NOAA sight is chock-full of info on the Arctic! It has maps, climate data, facts from experts, pictures, essays, and tons of other cool stuff. join a group of men as they try to make a trip around the entire Arctic Circle. Catch their latest dispatches from the journey and learn about their boat, gear, and other details of the trip.

 Africa explore the continents.  Lots of maps, flags and activities take a multimedia tour of the African continent with this large collection from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Find pictures and sound clips by subject, country, or by using a map. take an online tour of Africa from the Sahara to the Serengeti. View photo essays, explore the continent’s regions, play thumb piano tunes, and much more. See how diverse Africa really is!

 Nigeria facts about Nigeria lots of pictures of Nigeria geography, people, government, economy and more

 Egypt facts about Egypt great news stories and information about ancient Egypt…pyramids, secret chambers, ruins…lots of photos how to make an Egyptian mummy at the tomb of Tutankhamen lots of images of Egypt

South Africa lots of picture of South Africa includes photos and some info about this special South African park. find powerful images that show the ways of the indigenous groups including the Ndebele, Ntwana, Xhosa, and Zulu.

 South America explore the continents.  Lots of maps, flags and activities follow photographer Pablo Corral Vega on his journey to the Andes. Check out his fabulous photos and read about his experiences. lots of amazing information about an expedition to the Galapagos

 Brazil facts about Brazil learn about life in Brazil today including the people, history, geography, and more. See photos too. geography, people, government, economy and more

Australia Facts about Australia some of the best photos of Australia with articles.  Fabulous section on the Great Barrier Reef with a game! explore the continents.  Lots of maps, flags and activities geography, people, government, economy and more


 Maps, Map Reading history of map-making, reading maps and the maths involved in map-making different maps of India Online World maps + interactive map-related activities. free blank outline maps. explore the continents, lots and lots of maps one of the best map sites on the Internet


Rise & fall of small and large powers/ kingdoms an extremely informative timeline.  Check it out! a very easy to understand timeline of Indian history all in one page rulers of India, huge list a chronology of slave dynasty the Khilji & Tughlaq dynasties the reign of Babur information about the Rajputana states, Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhmmad of Ghur and the Turkish invasion.  Also find information about the slave dynasty, The Khiljis, the Tughlaqs, The Sayyids and Lodhi Sultans, The Mughal Dynasty, lots of links to information on Babur, Khiljis, Sayyids, slaves, Turks and Tughlaqs lots of pictorial glimpses of Indian history

 Vijaynagar and Bahamani brief and easy to understand information about the Vijaynagar and Bahamani kingdoms basic information about Vijaynagar basic information about Bahamani


Rise & Fall of Mughal Empire information on all the Mughal rulers one view that describes the causes of the rise and fall of the Mughals. a brief history of the Mughals with a map of the empire brief history of Aurangzeb brief history of Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire in India brief history of Jehangir, son of Akbar characteristics of Akbar an excellent interactive timeline of the Mughal Empire

Arts Culture Architecture photo of Raja Birbal’s palace from Fatehpur Sikri built in Mughal times pictures of Taj Mahal from Agra gardens of the Mughal Empire.  Pictures, 7 music clips, very informative, from the Smithsonian Institution.  Has an interactive section too. very informative site on the majestic Taj Mahal.  Pictures of gateway, garden, water devices, mosque, rest house and the actual tomb


Maharashtra before Shivaji brief look at Maharashtra before Shivaji easy to read information about Maharashtra before Shivaji, Shivaji Maharaj and the Peshwas work of the great saints the Maratha Sardars brief explanation on who were the Marathas a very brief historical perspective of Maharashtra

 Establishment of Swaraj timeline of Shivaji’s life who was Shivaji

 Shivaji’s administration comments on Shivaji from some eminent leaders essay on the character of Shivaji About The Sindhudurg Fort with pictures! the life of Shivaji and landmark achievements Jijabai was the force behind the creation of Shivaji.  Read about how she influenced administrative policy Information with pictures of forts that were part of Shivaji’s plan for Hindavi Swaraj – Sinhagad, Rajgad, Torana, Raigad, and Lingana

 Expansion of the Maratha power brief information about the Great Marathas brief history of the Marathas easy to read information about Maharashtra before Shivaji, Shivaji Maharaj and the Peshwas brief information about the Peshwas the historic city of Pune and Maratha power this timeline puts the Marathas in context of Indian history brief information from the Wikipedia encyclopedia on the legend of Bajirao Peshwa


 Expansion of English army coming of the Europeans to India information on the beginnings of the British Raj brief information about the British East India Company an essay on the rise of the East India Company and colonization of India see the History section for an account of expansion of British power in India with pictures of key people

English administration/economic policy list of British governor generals the Pitts India Act provided for a joint governing of the East India company and the British Crown. the treaty of Bassein with Peshwa Bajirao 2 the first Anglo Sikh war brief information about the British Raj an essay on British Education in India see the History section for an account of Indian society, economy and government during British times with pictures of key people

The uprising of 1857 brief information about the Uprising of 1857 The sepoy mutiny, easy to understand this essay gives the background and reasons for the Uprising see the History section for information on the Uprising with pictures

 Freedom movement brief information about setting up of the Indian National Congress see the History section for an account of the freedom struggle from 1857-1947 Mahatma Gandhi and civil disobedience Pandit Nehru’s speech on the eve of independence brief information about the Quit India Movement and Independence the revolutionaries and Lal-Bal-Pal key landmarks in the Indian freedom struggle about the Indian National flag rich site packed with information on Mahatma Gandhi. Videos, audio, quotations, story of his life, photo gallery


Revolts against Unruly Monarchies a great timeline of the age of revolutions information from an online encyclopedia on the revolutions of 1848 the declaration of the rights of man from the French Revolution

Industrial revolution a very useful site including links to its origin, impact on society, women, technology and consequences.  Lots of maps links and a superb timeline information from this online encyclopedia about the Industrial revolution with many hyperlinks

The Modern Age this site shows some exceptional artifacts produced by advances in science and technology – the Eilean Gas Light, genetically modified mice, small biplane, popular cars from the 1950’s and 60’s and lots more lots of information on the cold war between USSR & USA a great timeline of the modern world a quick guide to the world history of globalization


 Parts of speech all about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs & adverbs with fun activities and tests an anatomy of English sentences including an anatomy chart, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs the wonderful world of words, using a dictionary, vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms count and non count nouns

 Tenses an introduction and exercise on simple present tense an introduction and exercise on simple past tense an introduction and exercise on Future tense with ‘Will’ an introduction with exercise on Future tense with ‘Be Going To’ ways to talk about the future

 Opposites about synonyms and antonyms

 Degrees words indicating degree with examples

Singular/plural regular plurals of nouns with exercises irregular plurals of nouns

 Active/passive voice passive & active voice with examples

Negative an introduction and exercise in negatives in simple present tense an introduction and exercise in negatives in simple past tense

 Expressions & Meaning alphabetical listing of commom english expressions



  1. This must have taken extraordinary effort and perseverance and the results are of incalculable value for students and teachers alike…


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